Design & Branding

Our design experience ranges from footwear to clothing to PPE to wet wipes and lots besides. The process starts with us listening to what you want & giving us your expectations. We give advice based on our experience covering such areas as practicality, cost, competition, copyright laws and also technical considerations.

We create sketches before moving on to first samples, followed by full specifications being drawn up and pre-production samples being made.

Below are some examples of requests that we have received with the images of the end results besides them.

"we want a modern safety boot that is very lightweight, non-metallic, and we can buy for around £..."


"...we want a polo shirt for decorators that is cool to wear, fits in with their bib pants and trousers, and does not cost the earth....."

Fat Hog Polo

".....we want a wraparound spectacle that is impact resistant, scratch resistant, anti-fog, looks great and doesn’t cost more than £ to buy...."


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